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This is the program guide for Capricon 41. It should be suitable for use on most browsers and devices. It's an instance of KonOpas, an open-source project providing conventions with easy-to-use mobile-friendly guides.

If you used this for last year's Capricon, please make sure to do a hard refresh to get the updated data.

Program and participant data were last updated .

This guide will work in your browser even when you don't have an internet connection.

If you used this guide last year, you may need to do a full reset of the application to get the new data.

You can also install it as a home screen app

Safari on iPhone/iPad
Tap on (share), then tap Add to Home Screen.
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Tap on (menu), then tap Add to Home Screen.
Firefox on Android
Tap on (menu), then tap Page and select Add Page Shortcut.
IE on Windows Phone
Tap on (menu), then tap Pin to Start


Quick Reference

Information on accessing the convention website will be sent on Wednesday, February 3. If you are a registered member of Capricon, and need help accessing the convention website and Discord after that date, please contact
Time Zone
All times in this guide are listed in Central US timezone!!! (GMT-6) Please take this into consideration. Thanks.

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