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Quick Reference

Anime Room Ravinia Ballroom B
See program for scheduled items.
Art Show Ravinia Ballroom C
Check for signage near the door of the Art Show for any Art Show Tours that may have been added to the schedule and for any artist demonstrations.
Thursday    2pm–5pm    Artist Check-in and Setup
Thursday    5pm–8pm    OPEN
Friday    9am–11am    Artist Check-in and Setup
Friday    11pm–8pm    OPEN
Saturday    10am–6pm    OPEN
Saturday Evening    after auction by appointment only    Buyer Pick-up
Sunday    10am–2pm    Buyer Pick-up
Sunday    2pm–4pm    Artist Check-out and Pick-Up
Print Shop    Open during all viewing/bidding hours & during buyer pickup on Sunday.
Blinkie Land River Ballroom A
Blinkie Land, a magical place of flashing lights and molten metal. The friendly staff will provide you a kit (circuit board, LED’s and other electronic parts) and solder to let you make your own Blinkie. The first 200 people will get one Blinkie that they can build for free, and the folks running the show have several more kits that they will be happy to sell you so you can continue practicing after finishing your first one.
Friday    6:30pm–8pm
Saturday    10am–7pm
Sunday    10am–1pm
Cafe River Ballroom C
Friday    9:30am–6pm
Saturday    9:30am–6pm
Sunday    9:30am–2pm
Con Suite Lake Michigan Ballroom B
Thursday    4pm–Midnight
Friday    8am–Midnight
Saturday    8am–Midnight
Sunday    9am–3pm
Dealers Room Ravinia Ballroom D-E-F
Thursday    5pm–8pm
Friday    Noon–7pm
Saturday    10am–6pm
Sunday    11am–3pm
Fan Tables Ravinia Pre-Function Space
Thursday    3pm–6pm
Friday    Noon–6pm
Saturday    10am–6pm
Sunday    10am–3pm
Filk (Music) - Day River Ballroom C
In the Cafe during the afternoon on Friday/Saturday and in the morning on Sunday.
Filk (Music) - Evening Botanic Ballroom A
In Botanic A during the evening on Friday/Saturday.
Flexible Programming In hall Near Ravinia E
General programming for small groups.
Freebie, Flyer & Promotional Tables Ravinia Pre-Function Space
Near the Info Desk.
Gaming Lake Michigan Ballroom A
Thursday    8pm–11pm
Friday    10am – Sunday 3pm
Gophers Coat Closet by Ravinia Ballroom B
Thursday    10am–6pm
Friday    10am–5pm
Saturday    10am–5pm
Sunday    Available via radio - check with Ops
Green Room (Program participants & staff only) Maple
Thursday    3pm–8pm
Friday    8am–8pm
Saturday    8am–7pm
Sunday    9am–Noon
Information Desk Coat Closet by Ravinia Ballroom B
Thursday    1pm–6pm
Friday    9:30am–6pm
Saturday    9:30am–6pm
Sunday    10am–Noon
Lost and Found Ops or Hotel Front Desk
Lost badges: Check with Ops and with Registration
Kid's Program (6–12yr) Elm
See program for scheduled items.
Only adults accompanied by children allowed.
Newsletter (Goat Droppings) Drop off notes in Oak/Ops
Operations (Ops) Oak
Thursday    10am – Sunday 6pm
Party Room Block (Open Parties) Floors 15 & 16
Programming Operations Outside Maple
Thursday    2:30pm–10:15pm
Friday    9:30am–10:15pm
Saturday    9:30am–10:15pm
Sunday    9:30am–3:15pm
Registration Coat Closet by Ravinia Ballroom F
Thursday    2:30pm–9pm ($25 day membership)
Friday    9:30am–9:30pm ($40 day membership)
Saturday    9:30am–7pm ($45 day membership)
Sunday    9:30am–5pm ($15 day membership)
Full weekend badge is $75
Lost badges $5 (once only, after that full price)
Capricon 2019 memberships available starting Sunday.
Starship Bridge Simulators River Ballroom B
Friday    3pm–10pm
Saturday    10am–10pm
Sunday    10am–2pm
Teen Lounge (Ages 13–19 only) 3rd Floor Suite (follow the signs)
Thursday    8pm– Friday 2am
Friday    11am– Saturday 2am
Saturday    11am– Sunday 2am
Sunday    11am–3pm
Convention Tours will start near Registration - look for the signs
Party Crawls will start in the lobby and then proceed to the party floors - look for the tour sign. All people are welcome, but under 21 may not be able to enter some of the party rooms.

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